mickeyy ♥ (xsecrets) wrote in lov3andguns,
mickeyy ♥


Hey guys,
I'm really sorry but if you wanna request, email me: xsecrets@gmail.com because i don't do requests from the community anymore. i don't have time and if i get to it.. it'll probably be way late.. so emailing me helps remind me of what i should do and i don't have much time. so if you explain what you want and whatnot you will get it way faster. i want details otherwise, it will be very shitty. i really don't like you saying do whatever you want, just make me an icon or a layout or whatnot. i'm the type of person who wants details. sorry for the ramble, i'm not yelling or mad at anyone, just stating my opinion for next time.

♥ michele
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