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Could i have new accepted/rejected stamps if possible? Quite big? Pink and feauturing a cool celeb?
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yes you can, sorry i dunno who you tink is cool? cause my cool, is proabbly not your cool...just knowing me, so if you caould just name a couple people, and I could choose or something...
Beyonce, alicia keys, xtina, usher
i'll do them when i get home tomorrow. i did make the layout but apparently.. i never get a chance to upload it before the whole internet thing. sorry babes.
the code was never uploaded.. so i'll send it to you for the layout... ? did you use it already?
yeah i saw it..looks mint..but i've just had a new one done..so can u keep it for me for later use?

I also wouldnt mind Sarah Jessica on the stamps if you want. but obviously would rather the ones i mentioned earlier.

Is there anything i can do for y'all? i feel like you make me all these amazing things and i can only say thank you