Leanne (Lea) (urbanpunk) wrote in lov3andguns,
Leanne (Lea)

Hay can someone have a go at makin some invited to, accepted & rejected, header & Icon(matching if you can) for my community pimped_up i know theres a lot so i dnt expect them all straight away, take your time :)
id like them based around grey white and pink please & just any pimped up kinda pics you can find! :D knock yourself out lol
i will credit you for all grafix on my community :)

Lea. x
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K, i'll make it soon--- <3 u!
thnk u

Lea. x
any specific people you want on the icons?
just someone pimp lol.
gwen stefani would be kool!
here is all the icons... for accepted, rejected, and your invited. get back to me on the header and icon? Hope you like it!

wow tghank you i love them :D

Lea. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
welcome.. about the other two requests you asked... ? i don't get what you want.. is it a layout?
no just likea pictuyreto go at the top of my journal, ill convert it into alyout!
like what i already got look... [Bad username: Pimped_up&quot;] :)