Leanne (Lea) (urbanpunk) wrote in lov3andguns,
Leanne (Lea)

Hay, do you do do customs? =]

Those 1st ikons are hott btw =]

Lea ♥
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yessums, we do, if youd like one, just make a post with your request =)
id like an ikon made with a mix of them pics, noice ones and goofy ones lol

any nice fruendship theme lol =]
n just animate it however u like, play around with it a little :)
Lea ♥
I think the journal is friends only, cause it says I dont access to it...but I can do it when I get the pics! =)
cool, your icons rock anyway!
i'll make it cuz i can see it =) brb
Done! hope you like it:
that's hott <3
thank you so much! i ♥ it =D

Lea ♥
welcome =)
can u help me with a background and stuff? PLEASE??